The Weekend Wrap May 25th

weekend wrap 1

Over the weekend I did a lot of TV watching. Movies, mostly and I worked hard, planning meals and then following through with eating healthfully.

Jack likes to watch the news. When he is not watching the news, we are watching “Police-TV” type shows. I have become a music listener. I have a Bluetooth device and so when I want to shut all of that out, I listen to music.

The blossoms on the fruit trees and my wonderful birds kept me happy, that was until a hornet decided that I was to be his lunch!

Red Bellied Woodpecker LadyA new friend. A Red-bellied Woodpecker, female. She is lovely!

After stating that Bees and such didn’t bother you when they have those lovely blossoms, I had a hornet literally attack me and eventually sting me on the top of my head!

Apple Blossom and bee 3Owch! I had a lump there for the remainder of the day.

Today will be another quiet day, but tomorrow, both of our cars go to the garage to be inspected. This will be Jack’s first time out since March 13th. He can hardly wait. Me? Not so much. But I know eventually, he must get out again and learn to distance himself from others as well as wear a mask and not touch his face.

A Blessed Memorial Day Weekend to all and may the week ahead, be full of happiness and good health.

Maribeth Dackel

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