This & That ~ May 23

My cousins, Janet and Dave, recommended a Facebook page for Bird Watchers/Lovers. Well, I subscribed and I love it.

I have really enjoyed watching my own back yard birds and to hear about and see these other birds is a thrill.

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My only fear is that I will become like the “Old Bird Woman” in Mary Poppins!

Someone, please stop me if this begins to happen. Meanwhile I will enjoy my backyard flock.

Last night I boiled up three small hard-shell Lobsters for dinner. We each had one, and I shelled the third to make Lobster Salads for our lunches today.

Here’s the thing. These hard-shells were really hard. One claw was like cement and I ended up getting out a hammer to crack the shell!

The Lobster was great and we enjoyed it a great deal, but this morning my right thumb is very sore. Score: Lobster 1, Maribeth 0!

I was up early today and I was looking around the satellite for something to watch. I found a wonderful documentary by Natasha Gregson Wagner. “Natalie Wood: What Remains Behind” (2020).


It was so well done and I was so pleased that Robert Wagner’s daughters, all rallied around their father, and not one of them ever doubted him for a minute.  Natalie’s death at the age of 43 was a terrible accident, and nothing more. For those of us that remember Natalie Wood, it is a must-see.

The orchard is in bloom and it is beautiful. I think I will wander outside today and get some new pictures.

Enjoy your day!


Maribeth Dackel

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  1. Now ‘Feed the birds, tuppence a pair’ will be buzzing in my head today. Is it really certain that Woods died accidentally? The Coroner’s report is not conclusive.

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