The Wind Blows


I was lying in my bed, cuddled with Arnie, pretty much sound asleep, on Friday night. I recall hearing the wind howling outside and an occasional gust that seemed to shake the house.

I took a breath, and turned over onto my other side when the power went out! This means that my cell phone flashed to let me know that it was no longer charging. I waited a few minutes and nothing came back on. I went to the window to see if our neighbors had power and if the homes on the other side of the lake were lit or in the dark.

They had power across the lake, but in my small section of the neighborhood, everyone was out.

Now wouldn’t you know that my flashlight was not next to me, but I know my way around, and I staggered and cautiously felt my way to the door and then into the kitchen to grab my flashlight. I also grabbed our Rolodex with the phone number to call to report a power outage.

Walking back into my bedroom, I sat down to get our landline phone and I started to dial. That’s when the lights came back on. I knew at 1:30 in the morning I needed to lie back down and go to sleep, but it was difficult as I listened to the wind and waited…

The wind has not been as strong during the day on Saturday, but when it is cold, any wind makes it feel even colder.

You see, winter is not over yet!


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