The Weekend Wrap

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This weekend was a rather quiet one for me. I did the usual things, like laundry and meals, and taking Arnie and Lili out for walks. But I stayed home and was not running around doing errands.

We had a brief respite from the wind yesterday, but it is back with great furry now and I can hear it outside our window.

It’s cold too. Which causes my old boy, Arnie to run outside and run back in, often without accomplishing what he needs to do. So, out we go again!

This week will be a busy one for me. I get my new glasses tomorrow, Tuesday I have an online meeting, Wednesday is another online meeting, Thursday is a dental appointment, and Friday I get my hair done.

Yes, this will be my busiest week in a very long time. I hope that slowly, things will return to normal.

Maribeth Dackel

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  1. Hope you’re doing well Maribeth. We’ve had warmer weather, but a windy spring too. No snow though! I also need new glasses and hope to get to that this week. Have a nice week!

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