Tuesday March 16th

Here we are my busy week. It all started early today when I knew I needed to go out and get my new glasses. I was excited because they are a bit different. Although the viewing area is about the same, the frame is an octagon shape. Here is a picture of me before and then afterward wearing my new frames.

New Glasses Old GlassesBut the very best part of my new glasses is that I can see! I needed a stronger lens on the left side and then I asked if I could adjust my readers for the computer. I measured the distance from eyes to screen before I went and so we planned this. I cannot tell you how wonderful my vision is with these new glasses!

Then I was off to get some groceries and the mail! Which I managed to do in record time. I was back at the house by 10:45.

It never really warmed up here over the course of the day. The wind blew, and our temperatures never for over 14 degrees! Oh, I am so over Winter!

I have also started looking for a new wire-haired dackel baby. I know I’ve said I wouldn’t do it, but I think I need to start as it could take me a very long time. With Germany still in lockdown, and this darned virus, who knows when I might be able to find this new addition to our family. So I am writing letters and starting my quest.

I do not want a designer dackel. I want one that looks like Greta and Anneliese. A really good, proper, German dackel.

Well, I have now reset all of the clocks that are not automatically reset. Two of the items are over 20 years old, and their idea of setting the clock is archaic!

Have a great Tuesday, everyone!


3 thoughts on “Tuesday March 16th”

  1. So happy that you are going to get a new baby dackal. They are just the cutest. Every time (and it isn’t often) that I see one, I think of you and your tribe. Good luck, you will get exactly the right one for both the doggie and you:)

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