The Friday Five ~ March 12th

20200206_160117Despite the fact that we have had some very mild temperatures the last two days, it is still winter, and this brief reprieve from the cold will be over on Sunday when we are actually due for a little snow.

I thought that I would have more to write about this week, but a little cold and sore back kept me down. Still, there are a few things to share, so here we go. This Week’s Friday Five!

  1. Today I got down on the floor and worked stripping Arnie’s coat. He also needs his mid-winter bath, which I will do tomorrow, and that will loosen up the under-coat more and I will work stripping him some more. As it is, with the fur I’ve stripped off him, he looks so much better!
  2. I’ve been struggling a bit with my eating plan. Laziness, nerves, I don’t know. But it has not been going well. I decided to rededicate myself to eating what I should and writing it all down. I was doing well until 3 PM when I felt the need for a sweet treat! But I made it through and had a hot drink and an apple.
  3. Today is sheet and blanket washing day. It’s a big job for my old back, but in another 90 minutes, it will be done!
  4. We have a really great Oil Delivery person now. In what once was a men’s only job, we now have Bev. She is wonderful! So, today I called the Oil Company we use and told them how much we like and appreciate Bev, what a great job she does, and how wonderfully she represents their company. I like those sorts of calls. I’m big on praise, especially where it is deserved.
  5. Don’t forget to set your clocks ahead one hour on Saturday night. You know, I wish they would just leave the time alone. Going back and ahead just messes up my internal clock like crazy.

Have a great weekend everyone and while the sun shines, get out and enjoy!

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2 thoughts on “The Friday Five ~ March 12th”

  1. I’m so sorry about your loss of sleep on Saturday night. Soon we will have an extra hour of sleep, which I may otherwise use productively but probably not. For mine I like daylight saving and I would like it to continue.
    Whether it gets back to them or not, it is nice to compliment good staff.

  2. I read some of your last posts because it’s quite a long time that I was here. I am very worried for the moment, because Ric has probably Parkinson and he has to do a lot of tests. He walks very badly and his balance is disturbed not all the time fortunately. I have now a “nurse” from the city, who comes Mondays and Fridays to help him with a shower, tidy up his room and takes care of him. In the week he sleeps a lot and I have now taken over the “management” of our household, bills, insurance etc all paper work. I also had to ask companies to send all emails to my adress, because he never looks anymore; I hope with the right medication it will get back to nearly normal, he is also 80 now ! This and the long lasting lockdownn, makes me a bit depressed.. Shops are all open and the hairdressers too, but restaurants, etc still closed and you can’t travel either. Fortunately we have moved in time and I am really happy in our apartment. No garden to entertain, I just pay the rent each month and that’s it. It’s so bright and I have the sun shining in the whole day ! We are on the 4th floor and the view is stunning everybody says so and that in the middle of our little Waterloo. I have sold one car, because we are living in the center and you can walk to everywhere ! He doesn’t drive anymore for the moment. So no travels and our son is not allowed to visit us either ! Fortunately Whatsapp exists at least I see Toby, he is now 10 years old, speaks perfectly French and Dutch and also tries with English ! The schools are closed and they do it per video ! It’s funny to hear a 10 year old that he is in “Video conference” with his class and I should call later !

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