It’s All About…Paying Bills

Lili woke me early on Wednesday so she could go out and commune with nature. Since I find it impossible to go back to bed once awake, I made the coffee and sat down to read the email.

Shortly before 8 AM, the Oil Company delivery woman arrived to fill the tank. She is so amazingly kind and makes a big fuss over the dogs. I really enjoy her.

This got Jack and me to think about how much we have spent on heating oil (also heats our hot water), and currently we have spent over $2000.00! Yes, when you see gasoline prices go up at the pumps you can be sure that home heating oil is a lot more expensive.

All this and we keep the heat between 65 degrees in my bedroom to 70 degrees in the family living area. We are careful with our use of the furnace and we make sure that it is well cleaned each year. Still, the bills pile up.

Getting plowed out is another big expense. Currently, we are about $1000.00 in the hole. It is getting very expensive to survive a winter living where we do.

I’d love to move into a much smaller home. With a short driveway that wouldn’t be so expensive to maintain.

Wednesday was beautiful and sunny and warm. If it could be like this every day until official Spring I would be so happy.

I sat outside for a little while and watched the birds swooping by and the smaller birds come to my feeders. Very soon I will need to bring the feeders in at night. The Bears may wake early this year!

Tomorrow I plan to take Arnie over to see his special friend, Rebecca. I stopped in at her shop today and the look on her face told me she feared that Arnie wasn’t well or had died. I quickly told her that the Prince was well, and I would bring him in soon.

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