TBT: My Dackels & Me

You know, all my dackels have come to me by meticulous planning. Greta came from Rheden, Germany, and we planned a trip over just to bring her home.

helloMe with baby Greta!

The anticipation was great, as back in the day, I didn’t even have one picture of her, just the photos of her Mom and Dad, who were German Champions. And yet, Greta was amazing from day one.

Arnie and Anneliese were Greta’s children, and although I never intended to keep Arnie, magically he stayed and proved to be the dackel of my heart. I watched each of them take their first breaths. In fact, Anneliese was actually born squealing!

Jan. 29 Anneliese and Arnie 001Anneliese & Arnie.

There are times I still think Arnie is on the bed at night with me, and then I wake and remember…

The only dackel that wasn’t planned was Shubi. She was my very first. We’d gone to visit friends in Bavaria, and their dackel had been hit by a car and their house was now terribly quiet.

img333Shubi and me in the Munich Airport.

I sort of off handily said we should get puppies together. And before I knew it we were in Landshut, Germany adopting Shubi and bringing her home.

In some ways, Heidi’s adoption is really a love story close to that of Arnie and Anneliese. Although I did not see her born, there was just something about Heidi from day one, that let me know she should be my girl.

Babies Oct 23The little one with the red collar is Heidi!

The pictures of her little face and tiny body, well it’s hard to explain. I just knew.

I am so fortunate to have met a wonderful breeder, who has become a friend. I love how she is raising the puppies and how she has kept all of us new puppy parents updated.

received_1378044715965964Heidi and her Mama, Luna.

So, I am off tomorrow and I will be taking a lot of pictures and bringing Heidi home!



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  1. I think your boy Arnie might be your favourite. You can have favourites with pets, unlike children. Bon voyage.

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