Heidi, Sweet Heidi!

Heidi is growing up by leaps and bounds. I have to say, she is a really wonderful dog and I am blessed to have her.

Now here is a little thing that she does that I find incredibly cute. When I am sitting in my recliner she comes up the steps and sits looking at me until I move my laptop, magazine, or writing table off my lap. Once that is done she hops between my knees and goes to sleep.

2022-03-14_05-57-11Isn’t she cute?

Over and over she lets me know that the space between my knees is just for her.

2022-03-09_07-11-47Heidi’s favorite spot!

It cracks me up and makes me smile every time. Once she gets into the spot, she goes right to sleep.

At almost 22 weeks she is, for the most part, house trained. She will go to the door and woof when the time is right!

You know, Heidi has got to be the sweetest little puppy ever. She is filling up my life and making me feel very loved. It is why I love this breed so very much. They are funny and warm and loving!

What more could a girl want?


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  1. Heidi was clearly a good choice from the litter and it is great that she is working out so well.

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