And Just Like That…Spring

I am not quite ready to believe that we are finished with snow for this year. I recall a time in 1977 while living in Ayer, Massachusetts we actually had a huge storm that dropped nearly a foot of snow where we lived. The power was out and the Spring flowers were covered in heavy wet snow.

snowstormAmanda was a baby and with no electricity, it was a challenge.

tulipMy yard a few years back.

So yes, I am cautious about counting my Spring Days much before May 31st!

We’re having lovely puddles of melting. Heidi dislikes that, but she wanted to go and see our neighbors which required her to ford the puddles. I wish you all could have seen that!

Currently, she is asleep between my knees as she is spent from having to wade through the puddles!

And lastly, today is Lili’s 8th Birthday. This is amazing as she is still acting like a silly puppy!

Birthday LiliNow she has a playmate, although one who is much craftier than she is!

Happy Birthday, Lili!

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  1. My niece was born in the April Fools Blizzard of 1997. I’m with you in hoping for the best but not surprised at the worst!

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