The Friday Five ~ March 11th

Friday Five
Here we are. The end of the first full week of March. We seem to be stuck between a nice Spring and more Winter! So, here we go, this Week’s Friday Five.

  1. Yesterday I got into the Hylander and turned the key. The battery was so flat that I didn’t even get a buzz from putting the key in the ignition. I looked up and remembered I had turned the interior light on to find something and forgotten to turn it off!  Shoot! I told Jack, apologizing all over the place and admitting my fallibility.  He was fine. We hooked up the battery charger and I took the other car. I just hate doing silly things like that!
  2. Lili slipped on the icy snow the other day and turned her front paw ankle. She’s been stumbling around a bit, but today seems better.
  3. Jack left the gate open to the other half of the house the other night. Lili woke me and I got up because I didn’t see Heidi.

    20220310_163038Heidi, who is now 21 weeks old.

    I got to the hallway and looked down, and there she was, standing in the middle of the hallway with a toy looking full of mischief! It took me two walks around the yard before I could settle her back to sleep. All of this taking place at 3 in the morning!

  4. This morning I loaded up the Hylander with all our trash, and recyclables and hit the Recycling Center. I was lucky. There were not too many people and I went through quickly. I am still amazed at how much cardboard I had to bring! But then, I do not go to retail stores anymore. I pretty much shop online.
  5. I was due to go and see my grandchildren on Saturday, but once again we are supposed to have a storm. I will be so glad when this winter is over.

+1. Gasoline in Meredith is $4.25 a gallon this morning. Heating oil is $5.35 a gallon. Many people do not realize that there are many of us that heat with oil. We will be spending over $3000.00 this winter to heat our home. And that is keeping the house at approximately 68 degrees.

+2. I say, “Drill, Baby, Drill!” Let’s use our own petroleum products and get back to producing what we need. Independence from foreign producers is a freedom we all deserve! We had it once…

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