This & That ~ March 10th

The last few days I have been pretty busy. I’m so anxious for Spring to arrive and I have actually enjoyed the pouring rain we had at the start of the week, which washed away a lot of the snow.

However, we had a dramatic drop in temperature, and everything turned to ice. Some you could see and some were invisible. It was the invisible ice that got me on Tuesday morning and found me falling down like a sack of potatoes.

Lili and Heidi were with me and both ran over to me, covering me with kisses lest I be seriously injured! I wasn’t, but my gosh, I sure felt all of my 63 years.

I’ve had the Spring Cleaning bug and I’ve been trying to get things washed down and cleaned. My next big step is to take down the curtains and give them a good wash.

Heidi is a real character, and this morning she was posing in the funniest ways. The first was looking up at me.

2022-03-09_07-11-24And the second was taken as she slept in her favorite spot. On my chair between my knees!

2022-03-09_07-11-47As you can see in this picture, the poor baby has no toys! LOL!

I have binge-watched “Sex and the City”. I somehow never watched it the first time around and now in my geriatric years decided to give it a shot.

I nearly stopped watching the first two seasons, but then I got caught up in the growing up of Carrie and her friends. I’ve now gone all through the TV, both movies and the revival. And I actually can say I liked it.

Now don’t judge, it was pretty graphic. But if you look past that to the character development it was a good show.

It’s snowing again. I am so over that. I am really ready for Spring to come!


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