Opening Day Of Dackel Princess

As this is the opening day of The Dackel Princess, I would like to welcome everyone to my site! As I write, spring is upon us here in the mountains of New Hampshire. With temperatures on the high 70’s my apple trees are starting to blossom and the trees on the hill are starting to leaf out. It is so beautiful! All three dogs have been running around in the yard this morning. Currently the two dachsies are taking their second nap of the day, (more like one long, long nap) and Fritz is outside asleep on the patio. His favorite spot to be. Me? I’m sitting in front of my computer trying to figure out a new bit of software. So here’s to the first entry! With many more to come!!!

This is Shubi!

June 29 008

2 thoughts on “Opening Day Of Dackel Princess”

  1. Very nice! I love your writing so I’m looking forward to more!

    So what if I am just a bit green with envy here….

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