Seven Things I Love

Header 1 (2)First of all, Happy Easter to you all. It’s an odd holiday this year, as none of us is able to spend the holiday with our families. We’re stuck at home, praying for the World to return to better health.

But on this Blessed Day, I wanted to remember a few of the things that I am grateful for.

87970298_10221923432536629_5711858259418152960_n1. Amanda, Matt, Savannah, and Quinn. They make me so happy and I feel so lucky to have them in my life.

342. Jack. We’ve shared 32 years of marriage and shared so much along the way.

Arnie & Anneliese3. My dogs Arnie and Anneliese and Lili.

4. My home. I am warm and have food and my bills are paid. Right now I feel very lucky.

Screenshot_20200407-063749_WW Mobile5. Weight Watchers. I feel so fortunate to have this program that is helping me reach my weight and fitness goals.

Jan, mb, mel

6. My cousin, Janet, me and my sister Mel. How very thankful I am to have these women in my life. I have a couple more cousins that are so special and so loved. Our family is small, but a good and loving one.

best two7. The living breathing nature around me. We have Doe’s come each year to have their fawns in our field. It is a beautiful thing to see.

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