Seven Things I Love

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I stepped outside today and was overcome with the scent of lilacs. They’re all blooming in my yard. I love it. But I also love a few other bits of nature. So here goes…

April 30 12 0071. Apple Blossoms. So delicate, fragrant, and beautiful.

20190522_1639482. Peach Blossoms. They fill our yard in spring on our lovely peach trees.

May 15 0393. A Bee pollinating the apple trees. I always love watching this happen. It is part of the growing season.

Aug 12 0034. A sign for every season. This sign is near my home. I always laugh when I see it!

July 17 013

5. A basket that was full of my garden vegetables. I grew all of those! I miss my garden.

20180523_1203376. Lilacs. My favorite flower is lovely and the scent cannot be mistaken for anything else. How I wish they made Lilac perfume or air fresheners.

IMG_0269 (2)7. The most beautiful rainbow on my lake. Yes, I took this picture myself. It was so beautiful that day.

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  1. Come to Portland, Oregon. I’m still wearing Polartek pants and silk long johns. But it’s sunny and beautiful, temperatures near 70.

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