Seven Things I Love ~ April 6th

Header 1 (2)I haven’t written a 7 love list in a while, so since things are starting out a little slowly this week, it’s the perfect time to write a “Love List”

  1. I am totally loving the fact that Spring has finally arrived. I saw my first Redwing Blackbird today. They migrate to the South in the winter, but today both Mr. and Mrs. Redwing Blackbirds were at the feeder. I also noted that the suet blocks are getting well picked over. They’re getting more action as more birds are coming back to my yard for the summer.
  2. The ice is out on my lake, Lake Waukewan. So we once again have a living, breathing, moving lake. And just before sitting down to write this, I heard that Lake Winnipesaukee (the big lake) is also iced out! Spring is here in full force and I relish the beauty all around me.
  3. After watching The British Baking Show, I was more than ready to whip up a turkey pie for our dinner. Jack was not thrilled, but I told him when one gets an 11+ pound turkey for less than $5.00 then one eats a lot of turkey! I love turkey so it isn’t hard for me to eat turkey in various ways.
  4. I was thinking today just how much I love my family. In the last year, I have not left the State of New Hampshire. Being safe, wearing a mask and getting vaccinated is my way of showing Love for my family!
  5. I love it when the sun shines down on me now. In April the sun is so much closer and it simply warms my body and my soul!
  6. Leggings. I have literally been wearing leggings every day now. I know I need to get back to wearing real clothes again, but my leggings are just so comfy!
  7. And the last thing on my Love list today are my flowers in the dish garden. They smell so good and really brighten up my family room!

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3 thoughts on “Seven Things I Love ~ April 6th”

  1. I’ve seen videos of ice breaking up in your lakes. They are quite mesmerising.
    Are leggings ‘active wear’? Every woman seems to be wearing them, some well, many not so well.

  2. Nice list. I have been trying to get some of this kind of thing into my Friday Five posts. If you take notice of the good stuff, your life is better.

  3. We are in full on spring here and have the pollen to prove it. Still I love the longer daylight, blooming plants, and warmer weather. Have a great day!

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