The Weekend Wrap ~ April 5th

The weekend wrap 2

Life this past weekend was pretty busy. I spent a large portion of both Saturday and Sunday cooking.

Don’t get me wrong, I love cooking, but I am finding that this type of marathon cooking makes me tired.

But in the end, it was all worth it!

It all started several months ago when they had turkeys on sale for 37¢ a pound for a turkey. I already had our Thanksgiving bird, but I just couldn’t walk by this deal.

20210404_075927A close to 12-pound turkey for just $4.39!

So on Wednesday I took it out of the deep freeze and put it in our second fridge to thaw. I was not planning to make stuffing, but Jack requested it, so on Saturday I made it, so it would go into the bird cold.

On Sunday I stuffed the turkey and rubbed it down with butter, and placed it in the oven covered with aluminum foil. I used my new Pampered Chef probe thermometer and the baking began.

While the turkey cooked, I peeled potatoes and cooked the green beans for Green Bean Casserole. I really love the Green Bean Casserole, but I have never made it. Mandy explained it to me and I ventured into making it. Both Jack and I enjoyed it.

20210404_131802My freshly roasted turkey!

I made my own turkey gravy, set out the condiment tray, and placed the silverware and plates on the table. At 1:30 we sat down to a full turkey dinner, complete with champagne.

After I boned the turkey and did round one of the dishes. I had made lemon cream tarts for dessert and those were delightfully refreshing.

Believe it or not, Jack wanted to eat at the usual time this evening. So he got my special turkey and stuffing sandwich made with mayonnaise and cranberry sauce.

I made a nice broth with the turkey bones and I am thinking about making a turkey pie. More cooking.

Have a great week!

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  1. I hate to think what that turkey would have cost here. Not a great deal of turkey is eaten here really. It sounds like you have had some nice meals together.

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