The Friday Five December 9th

Well, here we are the end of another week. in just 21 days the year 2022 will end and we will start 2023. I am hoping and wondering what the New Year will bring. So let me give you this week’s Friday Five!

  1. It’s now official. I have finished Christmas shopping for my family! I am so happy. I worry and fret about the gifts and making them happy.
  2. Today I was returning some wonderful Merrell Winter Boots. For as long as I can remember I have worn a solid 10. Today I felt like the ugly step-mother in Cinderella who was trying to shove her foot into the glass slipper and could not. So, back they went.
  3. I brought Heidi with me when I went to return the boots at the UPS drop off point, and I carried her in. First I think my girl is getting a little chunky, but when she saw my friend she was so excited she wee-wee’d all down the front of my coat and troussers.
  4. This meant as soon as I got home, both Heidi and I had to shower and my winter coat went into the wash.
  5. This weekend I have planned to watch Christmas movies while I wrap presents. I found the best wrapping paper. Santa flying through the air being pulled by a team of dachshunds! So very cute.

So that is the week that was. I am thrilled with gratitude that members of my family are feeling better after contracting Pneumonia and Covid.

Christmas is coming and I am really psyched!


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