The Friday Five ~ December 2nd

Friday Five 1Here we are, December 2nd! Just a few more weeks until Christmas and then we bid 2022 adieu. So here we go. Our first Friday Five of December 2022!

  1. I saw the most lovely Christmas Cactus at the grocery store. It was so beautiful that I had to bring it home.2022-12-01_08-46-04

    Currently, all the buds are opening and I am enjoying it even more!

  2. Heidi has this new game. She likes to sit close to my laptop computer and touch the screen with her nose, thus throwing off whatever I am writing about. Heidi is a little imp!
  3. Tomorrow I will begin doing my Christmas cards.  I’m not doing a letter, I will just write small personal notes inside each one. As it is, I am sending out fewer and fewer.
  4. I have decorated for Christmas in a small way. I used to go the whole hog, but now I have a small tree and some decorations.
  5. Lastly, I bet I will work all weekend on the cards, laundry, and some cooking. Jack has said I can cook anything, just not turkey!


3 thoughts on “The Friday Five ~ December 2nd”

  1. Americans only seem to eat turkey for Thanksgiving. Do they actually like turkey meat? Why not eat it for the rest of the year. I noted as tradition goes, your Pres pardoned a turkey for Thanksgiving. That turkey lived.

  2. Andrew, we eat turkey all year long. But it’s only at holiday time that we will cook a whole bird and make a huge fuss. I buy sliced Turkey at the deli for sandwiches, I use ground turkey instead of ground beef, etc.

  3. Maribeth, I can sympathize with you over Heidi’s antics. My kitten Shadow loves my computer, especially the motion on the monitor when I move my cursor. I had to buy something to place over the keyboard so she won’t step on it — she accidentally archived four emails

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