3 AM ~ Really?

There are some things you absolutely must do with both a light and your glasses on. And so it was at 3:00 this morning after I had been outside walking the dogs.

At 3 AM I am really still in sleepy land. However, my darling Lili, who has been very nervous this week, woke both Heidi and me. I pulled myself out of my cozy nest of blankets and got on my coat, hat and gloves, and off we went so both dogs could commune with nature.

I flipped on the lights and the three of us ventured out in the thirty-degree, snowy, windy, weather. The first thing I noticed was that my lighter winter coat simply was not cutting it and I was freezing. Even my hat and gloves were not keeping me very warm. So as I stood there waiting I  was urging them to hurry up.

When we came in, I rushed to give them each a little cookie, and then I raced back to my blankets. I’d hoped to fall right back to sleep, but then I heard noises from the kitchen and knew I needed to check it all out.

In the pale glow of the night lite, I saw two forms that worried me. With no glasses on and no strong light, the blobs resembled dead mice. I live in the country and at this time of year, a field mouse or two will try to gain entry to escape the cold. But there was no way I was touching anything without bright lights and glasses and gloves.

As I returned to the scene of the crime in the kitchen wearing glasses, and gloves and turning on the lights, I noticed immediately that both blobs were clusters of dried leaves that had blown into the house when I went out and then came back in. I laughed, picked it all up, and returned to my blankets.

All I wanted at this point was to go back to sleep, but Heidi and Lili wanted to play and Heidi was racing back and forth playing with Lili. So, I turned on my laptop, the morning news and here I sit at 4:23 AM writing about the mice that weren’t!

Today I will need to go out and get the mail, and it is my hope to start writing my Christmas cards.

And let me just say that as I close this at 4:30 AM, both dogs have gone back to sleep and it is once again quiet. It’s my hope that I can get back to sleep too!


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