The Friday Five ~ Harry & Meghan

20200206_160117I was making an appointment for Heidi to go in for a grooming, and the woman said, yes next week on the 19th. The 19th? Is December really almost gone? Oh well, here is this week’s Friday Five.

  1. I will start with having watched Harry and Meghan’s little docu-drama. I recall many years ago some said to me that if I wanted to have a good life, a life where people did not see me as a victim, then I had to stop playing that part. Meaning, keep your private things private and for goodness sake get along. Neither Meghan or Harry did this.
  2. I fear that Harry has the worst case of sibling rivalry, and Meghan will never get over the fact she will never be Queen despite the fact that she came this close to telling Harry she hates his brother.
  3. After several years of not seeing their children’s pictures, apparently, if you pay them millions of dollars they will show you. Cute kids
  4. I did find inconsistencies in what they had said in previous interviews. (Hello Oprah) so I am unsure. I watch Judge Judy all the time and she says, “Just tell the absolute truth and you will never have to worry.”
  5. I wish them nothing but the best. But now that they have had their say, it is my hope that they will stop doing things to make trouble. They can easily go off and live happily ever after in the mansion. Meanwhile, I just filled my oil tank to the tune of $974.00. If we are lucky it will last 6-8 weeks. This is not something H and M need to worry about, I am sure.

So that’s the Friday Five. All about Harry and Meghan from my point of view. I am not a professional, and these opinions are strictly from my observations.


2 thoughts on “The Friday Five ~ Harry & Meghan”

  1. They are supposed to be unroyals now and want some privacy. I am quite happy to not refer to them as royal and give them a life time of privacy. I am just no longer interested in their very undignified publicity seeking.

  2. At the beginning I liked them and then I lost all understanding what do they want at the end ? I think she is manipulating the poor boy who really didn’t have a nice childhood.

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