TBT: Greta At The Dog Show

Greta was two years old when she went to a German Dog Show held in New York State. She was examined by a German Judge and found to be Excellent! She was such a good girl and she allowed me to show her, even though we had not worked too much on the form.  But she somehow knew what to go and flirted in a nice way with the judge.

Sept 23 033

Sept 23 030

In the end, she came in second place. The winner was the sister of Greta’s eventual mate, Bernie.

Sept 23 039

Here is Greta with her prize. She loved that thing for years. Until it completely fell apart!

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  1. My stepmother bred dogs, Samoyeds and later Shiba Inu (they are a very strange dog) and the passion by dog breeders is to behold. My step mother and father lived and breathed dogs and that is all they talked about at the time. I am sure you were not quite as extreme as a passionate breeder.

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