My Darling Greta

My girl Greta is quite an amazing pup. I remember when we drove with Uschi to Rheden, German to pick her up at The Vom Geestmoor Kennels. When we arrived we were greeted by a whole bunch of wire-haired dackel puppies and several Mama pups. The owner met us at the gate and invited us in for coffee and cakes. As we sat enjoying our coffee, the owner left us with his wife and then came back with a squirming little bundle. My darling Greta!


Later when we left, I feared she might be sad to leave her brothers and sisters and her Mama, but she never looked back. She was a girl on the go!

We spent several days with Uschi and Volker before flying back to the USA with Greta. Every time we went out to explore a new place we brought baby Greta with us. She was all for new experiences and meeting new people.

The Kids are back

In the airport in Frankfurt, and old woman stopped me to admire the puppy and asked her name. “Oh, her name is Greta!” I said proudly. “Oh, like the famous actress, Greta Garbo!” she exclaimed, and patted Greta again. And the nickname stuck! I often call out the door, “Miss Garbo! Paging Miss Garbo!” And Greta comes running.

Greta was always up for anything. She hiked and swam and ran so fast, one was amazed that those short little legs could move at such a fast pace. She loved to play in the snow, or run around the yard playing with her red ball. (She knew the red ball from any other color and she knew that the red ball was hers!)

silly greta

Why am I writing all of this now? Well, Greta will be 14 in a month and a half. Her eyes show signs that she probably is nearly blind. Her hearing is not good either and in a 24 hour period, Greta spends 22 of them sleeping.

It’s hard to watch your beloved companion getting old. She is still as sweet as ever, but that spunk, that “I’m up for anything” attitude that she once had is gone. The other day I took her for a ride and she actually slept on the car seat instead of standing on the armrest to look out the window. And after that when I asked if she wanted to go for a ride, she didn’t even leave her bed.


So for now, I cuddle with her all the time, day and night, and I enjoy her as much as I can. But there is a sadness in my heart and my mind, as I know that we have started the long goodbye.

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