The Friday Five

I woke this morning and I am actually feeling better. After being ill since just after Christmas, it made me very happy to actually feel better. So here is today’s Friday Five!

1. After not being able to breathe through my nose for weeks, I can actually breathe and not have to blow my nose every two seconds! Yay nose!

2. I can once again swallow. I have lived on liquids for a couple of weeks because swallowing has been hard. My cough is also slowing down, after weeks of gagging, hard, coughing.

3. Despite the fact that I could not eat whole foods, I have not lost any weight. Thus confirming my belief that I could survive a nuclear holocaust as long as I had some sort of liquid. Vodka perhaps?

4. Jack bought me a new rug cleaner in November for my birthday. At first I was nervous about using it, but I have to say, it is the best machine (Bissell ProHeat 2X® Revolution™ Pet Pro Carpet Cleaner/2007) I have ever owned! And the cleaning fluid, Bissell 1990 Pro Pet Urine Eliminator Upright Deep Cleaner Formula + Oxy, is magic! It has worked on old stains as well as new ones. If you have a dog or cat, trust me this works like a charm!

5. Jack is also a bit better, although not quite on par with me. I am hoping that with a few more days of rest he will be on the mend along with me.

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