Scary Things

On Friday morning I got up quite early. The dogs followed me to the back door, and I let them out. In the early morning, the dogs all follow me out, do their business and then follow, me back in.

I was on my way back with Anneliese, Arnie, and Lili, and I glanced over and saw Greta walking along the top of the retaining wall toward the house. She has done this a million times in her 14 and a half years, and I expected her to reach the house for her morning treat!

It was then I heard it! YELP! My heart stopped for a second and I ran over to where she had been. She was gone! I called her, frantically, and looked under the fruit trees, and then I heard her cry again and my eyes followed the sound.

Greta had fallen off the wall, about 5 feet onto the crushed stones below! I raced down the stairs, and gently picked her up and carried her into the house. I set her down onto the floor and then asked her to walk toward me. She limped, just slightly, and walked to her little bed and crawled in.

I went over and checked her over, she seemed fine, but I was not sure. Over the next two hours, I checked her gums for color. Pink gums are healthy, white gums indicate internal bleeding. Hers were pink!

I gave her a small dose of her pain medication and then I let her rest most of the day.


There is no doubt that her spinal problems are getting worse. I’m pretty sure she lost her balance and fell off the wall. We talked about it and Greta will need close supervision outside.

Tonight she is quiet and despite the rain showers, we have been outside (on leash) and she’s done her thing. Today gave me an all too real vision of what it will be like on the day that Greta’s spine gives out, and we have to bring her in.

I didn’t like that vision at all.


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