The Friday Five

The Friday Five

I want to know, where is the summer going? Here we are on August 3rd! The first Friday of the month, but all too soon, it will be time for the summer to end the school buses to start coming along down our roads. This summer really has flown by. Am I ready for the summer to end? Well, since we have had one of the hottest summers that I can recall, yes, yes I am! I am ready for cool temperatures, bright Autumn leaves, and believe it or not, shorter days.

So as this week comes to a close, here are the five things that have been on my mind this week.

  1. Our hot-water/heating-system is all repaired and it did not completely brake our bank. The company that did the work was polite, considered what we could afford, and worked hard to stay in our price range. They did all of this, and provided a new master control system for us!
  2. Jack got the results back from his biopsy and it is a Basil Cell Cancer on his nose. Unfortunately, they did not get it all and he will need Mohs Surgery to get the remainder of it. Boy, can I relate to that!
  3. Speaking of Jack, his flip phone is now a thing of the past, and slowly, Jack is learning to use my old Galaxy S5. He knows how to answer it, and how to make a call.

    Otter box

    That was lesson #1. The Galaxy S5 is actually a pretty easy phone to use. I have gotten Jack a blue case, as I felt the hot pink wasn’t really his style!

  4. It has been so hot! In the upper 80’s and lower 90’s with high humidity and high dew points. What this all boils down to is that it’s just plain miserable. I hate to leave our air-conditioned house and go out. Worst of all, it is supposed to be like this for the next week!
  5. I did well at Weight Watchers this week, losing one pound! I think my next step, now that I understand the eating plan is to slowly work in a walking plan. I’ve noticed in the last few weeks that my knees have gotten a bit stiff. Old age wear and tear, but time to work them out, so I keep them moving.

So that wraps us this week and brings us to the end of the first week in August. I just know, before I know it, it will be September 1st! Summer will be over!


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  1. I need to start a walking program but it’s still so hot – already at 80 degrees in the early morning. I need to head to the gym and walk on the treadmill.

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