In The Summertime

Saturday was a wet, wet, day. In the morning and afternoon, it rained like crazy, I got soaked and the grass grew longer! It was also 88 degrees during all this rain, so it wasn’t just wet, but hot too. What a summer!

It was time for me to get my head dipped in the fountain of youth, which was just what I needed. There is something so refreshing and relaxing about this. I also needed a good shaping, and Dianne did a great job. For a change, she blew it out, so my usual curls don’t show right now. However, by tomorrow, the tight curls will be back!


Once again, no make-up.

I really don’t like make-up. I have been told I “have” to wear it to look good. Well, you know, I am, who I am, and I hope that sticky wretched make-up doesn’t make me a nicer person! I am almost sixty years old. I’ve had facial cancer, and sort of had things on my face rearranged. But despite this, I don’t think I look too bad, and actually, no amount of make-up will make me a better person.

Greta is doing beautifully today. I am still keeping her on a leash, so I can guide her around safely, but I think we were very fortunate that it wasn’t worse.

So, as the sun sets over Lake Waukewan and we settle in for the night, I will leave you with a beautiful summery picture of the Lake we live on.



One thought on “In The Summertime”

  1. I rather like your curls and the blow should be left for special occasions. Sorry, but I like people wearing make up,especially women. You can do the Dolly Parton more is better or be more subtle. As for blokes wearing makeup,less is better.

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