The Loves Of My Life

When I think of all the blessings in my life, right at the top of the list are my two grandchildren, Savannah and Quinn. In life, I’d always hoped for children of my own, and I was pleased to give birth to two beautiful baby girls.

What I never expected was how wonderful it would be to become an Oma, and have these two terrific children as my grandchildren!

I listen to other people talk about their grandkids and I smile because it really is a special bond that you have with these, your own grandchildren. You absolutely adore every hair on their heads and would do anything for your grandchildren. It’s a feeling that fills me with such joy!


My darling Savannah!


My sweetheart, Quinn!

I love going into my daughter’s home and calling out and having the children come running into my arms, calling my name. There is such love at those times and I feel like the luckiest woman on the face of the earth!

I love the way Savannah sings her little songs to me and how she uses her imagination when she is playing with her dolls. She makes each doll have an individual voice and it is the cutest thing.  But the songs, yes, her made up songs, are so dear to my heart. She is six now and a total delight!

Quinn is so funny. He is all boy. I swear he was born with a car, truck, or plane in his hands. If it has wheels or wings, he is happy. When we were out one day at Cracker Barrel for dinner, I told him he could pick out his toy. He went around looking at everything and then went right to an airplane (also had wheels!). That was what he wanted. He is also working so hard to get his words down, and at two and a half, he speaks amazingly well.

I am not just head over heels in love with my grandchildren, I also really and truly like them. They are a pleasure to be with.


I give all of the credit to their two parents, Mandy and Matt. They have been raising these kids to be good, kind, polite, loving, children. How lucky these two children are to have parents that love them enough to be raising them to be wonderful people.

Yes, all around, I am blessed!


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  1. Rather like we feel about my niece Little Jo who is young enough to be our granddaughter. We had a lot to do with her in her early life. She is now 11, and just as precious. I like that you give such credit to your grandchildren’s parents.

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