Long, Hot, Summer!

It’s been a very long, hot summer. It’s been a long time since we’ve had a summer with this kind of heat.

Monday started with Jack’s nose incision showing signs of infection. I told him not to worry and I got it cleaned out and a good dressing applied. I need to do it again before bed, but I just wish they would schedule his Mohs Surgery and be done with it. I have a feeling that it will not heal until after that surgery is done and they actually stitch him up.

After that, we did things around the house because our thermometer was climbing outside 80, 90, 100! And humid too. Just wildly unpleasant!

Late afternoon, about the time I usually start to do the prep work for dinner, Jack began to defrost his beer fridge’s freezer. That wasn’t too bad. But it did leak a bit on the floor.


But it was during this procedure that I mentioned that our deep freeze downstairs really needed to be done. (Thinking, you know, another day?) A few minutes later, the phone rang and it was for Jack, and I was looking for him. Where was he? Downstairs defrosting the deep freeze! Sheesh!

So while he was on the phone, and had the freezer turned off, and all the food on tables in my laundry room! Crap! So while he was on the phone I got all the ice out of the freezer and off the freezer walls and then started to organize it.


The bending, stretching, and lifting was pretty darn tough, and by the end, I was feeling it. But the freezers are now defrosted and thank goodness the other two are frost free!

However, I still managed a decent stir-fried chicken and vegetables. And now as I near the golden hour of 9 PM, I am just about ready to fall asleep, know I will sleep very well tonight!


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