Happy 14th Birthday, Greta!

Today is Darling Greta’s 14th Birthday. She is the oldest doggy I have ever had. It’s been one heck of a ride. Two beautiful litters of puppies, 5 puppies in each litter (10), the mother of our Arnie and Anneliese, and the Matron of our four dog crew.

Greta is fierce, gentle, funny, warm and bossy. She was so dark when we got her, and now her fur is nearly white, as she has aged.


It’s funny, when I wake in the night, I always know which dachshund is Greta. Her whiteness stands out in the dark.

I know her time on earth is coming to a close, and as painful as this is for me, I am grateful, beyond words, to have had this wonderful doggy as my constant companion these last 14 years. She truly has been, such a blessing.

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