Yesterday I was a complete dynamo! I decided to clean out the mudroom bench. It’s the place where all my extra doggy stuff is shoved in kept. I emptied it all out and then began the sorting.

There were frisbees and toy balls, leashes and poop bags and dog dishes and our gloves, hats, and old bird feeders. Ugh!

At least everything was clean, just unorganized. So, I sorted everything, gave the puppy toys and extra cleaning, and made up a basket of puppy toys.

Jack passed by and asked where my other hats were?

Quite honestly, I have had one hat for the last 23 years! I love this hat, but Jack said that really, he hated it. Hmmm. Imagine 23 years he hated it and never told me.

I looked at myself in a mirror and decided I needed something a little newer. As much as I hated to admit it,  this hat is showing signs of falling apart.

Later in the day, I found a hat online and I hope I like it. I washed my old hat and I think it will be one I keep until I am very old and very gray!

My day ended at 8:30 when I fell into bed. I was really tired, but happily so!


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