The Friday Five ~ December 10th

Friday Five 1The week is nearly over and I know that Christmas will soon be here. Then it is just a matter of days until I leave to go and bring Heidi home. Yes, the excitement is building! So, without further adieu here are this week’s Friday Five.

  1. Getting the house ready for a new puppy requires a little thought. One must get down on all fours and then glance around. See anything that little piranha teeth might want to chew? Well, let’s get it all cleaned up!
  2. Next, I got out the doggy crate, cleaned it, and put a fresh bed inside. I also sat down and ordered some “Made in the USA” puppy toys, and her food from Chewy.
  3. I think what I have been doing could be called “nesting”. Much like a new mother. I think the best puppy adoptions are when you think of everything before and follow through. So, nesting it is!
  4. I finally sat down and made up a calendar of my family and friends’ pictures. I do it each year and usually, I have a great deal of enthusiasm. This year I didn’t feel like doing it, until just recently. Now it is all set and ordered, and best of all I had a great coupon!
  5. My new hat arrived. It’s warm. I’m not sure I really like it. However, It covers my ears and will keep snow out of my eyes. There is just no glamour. Do I need glamour? I don’t know. Meanwhile, I will keep and use the ugly hat.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!


3 thoughts on “The Friday Five ~ December 10th”

  1. An unglamorous hat is fine for at home and in your yard but standards must be maintained when out in public.

  2. Can’t wait to see pictures of Heidi!! You’ll be spending a lot of time outdoors with Heidi this winter trying to potty train her so keeping warm is most important for you. Glamour can wait until you leave the house LOL
    So question, Will you be training her on the potty pads since it will be snowing soon and she is little?

  3. Please treat yourself to a sexy hat! You are way too beautiful to be wearing your backyard hat out into the world.

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