This & That ~ October 5th

Well, the Internet Gremlins got me yesterday. Not only was Facebook down, but good old Microsoft downloaded an “Update” for my computer that totally wiped out my printer settings!

I was too busy to pay too much attention to it all. And actually quite annoyed by it all.

Starting tomorrow I plan to begin Autumn cleaning. I have two rooms that really need to be cleaned out and have a lot of stuff thrown away. I’m ready…

My goal is to get our house spick and span clean so I can hunker down and hibernate once the snow falls!

It was a great pajama party with my grandkids. But something odd occurred. I was watching a kid’s movie with them and I fell asleep! I took a much-needed nap!

I guess at 62+ I have entered the phase where a nap is a reward and no longer a punishment. And oh, how lovely that little nap was, although my grandson Quinn told me that I snore!

Have a great day everyone!


2 thoughts on “This & That ~ October 5th”

  1. Time for spring cleaning here. I have to do so much planning for the spring cleaning, it maybe autumn before spring cleaning is completed…or may it can wait until next spring.

    Shh, says Savvy to Quinn. Oma is sleeping.
    Well Oma is not being very quiet.

  2. At first, I kept opening Facebook and then remembering it was down, I really appreciated it though because I got so much done without wasting time on social media! LOL.

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