The Friday Five ~ October 1st

Well, this year really is flying by. I’m not sure why, but look at your calendar…it’s already October! I have many things going on in October, which will start on Saturday with a visit with my beautiful and wonderful grands! So, here we go, this week’s Friday Five.

  1. I started Thursday chopping. I wanted to make a big batch of Chili for Jack and I also wanted to put together a meatloaf to freeze. After two hours all was chopped and I began the process of making the Chili. (By the way, we are eating it for dinner and all I can say is YUM!)
  2. I’ve been inundated with laundry. Today I have three loads left and I will be all caught up! Yay! Laundry is not my favorite thing to do.

    214170223_143080931245406_5859394140635178951_n3. Lili is doing well. She seems to have known Arnie was ill and she isn’t looking for him. She has become my girl and I am appreciative of her love and attention.


    My Granddaughter, Savi

    My Grandson, Quinn

  3. I am going to see the kids on Saturday. I can hardly wait! I’ll be spending the night having a pajama party with the kids. Pictures to come!
  4. Next week is a slightly busy week for me, complete with blood work and my physical. I’m sure I will pass with flying colors!

So that is it for the week. I hope wherever you are, you have a happy and healthy weekend!

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  1. My partner says washing is easy. You put the clothes in and press a button. Clearly he does not do the washing and you have inspired a quite boring washing blog post. Good about Lili. She is lovely.

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