Monday Musings

On Monday I figured I would bring the two grandchildren with me as I did my errands. I never thought too much about it. After all, I raised two kids who were closer in age than Savi and Quinn. So it should be a breeze with these two.


Well, mostly it was. But I worried a bit in parking lots and at the beach and at the Post Office. But, I managed with a great deal of joy in my heart. Especially at the beach. They loved that, and we are in fact going back tomorrow to swim.

I very seldom go down to Waukewan Lake Beach, (Say, like never), but it was really wonderful to be there and watch the kids swim. Tomorrow I will actually put on my swimsuit and go in too! Of all the things we did today, being at the Lake Beach made them the happiest.

20190826_160026I also must tell you about my darling grandson Quinn. He is three years old. And as we talked today I found out that we were having one of those conversations that any adult will lose. It goes like this.

“Quinn, be careful of Anneliese because she is pretty much blind”


Well because her eyes got a disease and she can’t see too well now.”


“Because she is very old.”


And so it went until I was ready to laugh!

20190826_102032I need to get the kids ready for bed now and then get myself in bed early too. 5 AM comes awfully early!

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