Being An Oma!

On Facebook, there has been a Meme to show photos of what it is like in the life of being a Grandmother/Nana/Oma.


I’ve enjoyed digging out pictures of me with the kids and posting them. One thing that sort of dawned on me was how much I enjoy playing with my grandchildren.

Sometimes we act silly and dress up. Sometimes we make funny faces and take pictures. Sometimes we just do goofy stuff. But always, when we are together we have fun.


My grandmothers were much older than me. They were already wearing old lady orthopedic shoes and one of my grandmothers died when I was in the third grade. Sadly, I have very few memories of her.

My other grandmother lived until I was 26, but she was fairly proper. Oh, I adored her, but I never would have asked her to play dolls or dress up with me. She was kind of beyond that.

So with Savi and Quinn, I try to just simply play with them. Make them laugh, or say silly things or make those silly faces.


Oh, what a blessing it is to me to have these two children! They make me smile and laugh and every day I am thankful.


I love being an Oma!

2 thoughts on “Being An Oma!”

  1. LIke yours, my grandparents were always old, even though they were not that old. I was warned off about putting photos of Little Jo on FB when she was about 8 or 9., even though my FB is very closed down and tight and for family. I see some sense in that now, but if your daughter and grands are fine with it, why not.

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