The Weekend Wrap ~ October 3rd

I was sitting here writing about the craziness of the last week. I had finished up and actually felt I’d written a decent accounting of what life had been like for me, and I added a signature at the end, and my entire entry vanished! I will try to remember what I wrote, but I am almost certain I will not be as eloquent. But here goes!

Hurricane Ian was a disaster for so many of my friends and family. However, I am pleased to share that my family and friends all made it through.

My 92-year-old cousin had the worst experience. She is on the third floor of her apartment and the roof simply peeled off. She was knocked down, but she survived. She is safe in a hotel in Kissimmee.

My other family and friends have all been accounted for and although there will be a lot of work to rebuild their homes and lives.

I picked apples in the yard and made a batch of pretty decent applesauce. Yum!

The coming week finds me driving hither and yon for appointments for Jack and for myself.

The air conditioners are out for the winter. It’s been so cold the last two mornings and I actually had to turn on the heat. I simply hate to do that because home heating oil is very expensive! $4.67 a gallon. We fill our tank, with 200 gallons every 5 weeks in the winter. I will simply be going broke this winter.

Well, the week and weekend were good. Everyone is safe and sound and I hope there will be a speedy resolution to everyone’s troubles. Although the news says that it will be decades before everything is rebuilt


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