The Friday Five ~ September 30th

The Friday FiveI was sitting here when it dawned on me that tomorrow is Friday and I needed to sit down and write this week’s Friday Five. So, here goes.

  1. The week started out with Jack not feeling well. We were due to drive to Manchester for his bloodwork, but since he felt so sick, I rearranged his appointment.
  2. Then I became concerned about the hurricane heading for the West Coast of Florida. Right in the area where I lived for six years. I loved my home, my church, and my friends and family. But, I did not like the hurricanes, tornados, and wildfires that were yearly events. I also detest bugs, snakes, and alligators. After six years when I became best friends with my Exterminator, Jack and I moved back north.
  3. I am still waiting to hear from my cousin, Barbara and my dearest friend. Both were in the “Cone of Disaster”.
  4. Today we need to drive to Manchester for Jack’s bloodwork, and then back home. I am not looking forward to driving North on Rte 93 on a Friday afternoon.
  5. I will end the list with news on my heart. The news is good. Although there are two problems with my heart, it is not anything that is life threatening. I need to make a few adjustments in my life and then things will be good and life will go on quite happily!

So this was my week. I hope yours was good and that your weekend will be a nice one. And to all my Florida Friends and Family, I love you and I am praying very hard for you and for the entire State.

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