The Friday Five ~ September 23rd

The Friday FiveA lot went on this week, and I either contributed something to the day, took blissful naps, or watched Queen Elizabeth’s funeral.  In any case, here is this week’s Friday Five.

  1. I had a relapse of my pneumonia. Back to the Walk-In Clinic I went and I am back on antibiotics and cough pills. Today, (Thursday evening) I am feeling better. Hopefully this will do it and my health will be restored!
  2. Last night shortly after 11:00, Lili went crazy. Something had flipped on our motion detector lights, and although we couldn’t see much, both Lili and Heidi could. I got out my good flashlight and pointed it up the hill. There, caught in the beam of my light, were the eyes of a grown Fox. We have apples dropping from the trees and I guess that the Fox had a nice feed.
  3. I downloaded a program called Telegram about a month ago. Yesterday an email from a friend arrived and after that Bitcoin crap began popping up. I searched my mind, and did scans with my antivirus and malware programs, but nothing was working. The next morning as my computer started up, as soon as Telegram loaded, the Bitcoin pop-ups began. So, I did a search on how to get Telegram off my machine (it was not easy!). But since I did and then cleaned my machine, all is once again well.
  4. I really admired all of the pomp and circumstance for the Queen’s Funeral. The pageantry, the music, the dress outfits for the Military, and of course the beautiful dresses of the Royal Family. I watched in wonder Prince William, and Princess Catherine’s children, George and Charlotte attended and were very good.Wales
    I’m not really sure how to put it really. Good doesn’t sum it up. They had parents who explained things well, and then a family to show them love and support. I think I was George’s age when my other grandmother died and I was very confused. No one explained. I was lucky to have my sister who held my hand.
  5. Lastly, I will end this week with my thoughts about Harry and Meghan. At their ages, they should have used better judgment. Both proclaimed their deep and abiding love for Queen Elizabeth, yet they ignored her invitations to come to Balmoral (excellent security). I believe that the Queen knew her time was getting closer. Reports from Buckingham Palace (allegedly) confirmed the invitations as well as the refusal because they were too busy. What I would give for one more moment with my Grandma. A nice cup of tea and cookies and the long chats we once shared. Harry and Meghan should get over themselves. The two of them are not the most important people on the earth. There are times in your life when you need to put the feelings of others before your own. The Queen loved them and her heart ached. I know she never said anything in the press. She respected the privacy of the family. How would they feel if Archie and Lily grew up, and in their final years basically flipped them off? At least now, that dear lady, who gave her life for her Country, can not be hurt anymore and will rest in peace.

Just my thoughts on this Friday.

Heidi Marie

2 thoughts on “The Friday Five ~ September 23rd”

  1. Long time that I wasn’t here on your blog ! My life has changed so much it’s now 4 month that Rick passed away and it is as if I have lost half of myself, I feel like a plant without a support to keep it straight. Never thought that I needed him so much. We weren’t a couple which did everything together, we were very independent but a real team. I only feel good when I am home alone with Rosie the cat. But I went to England to Eastbourne where I stayed each year 10 days. Unfortunately she died too but the sea is so beautiful there, that I wanted to go to find some inner peace. I just was there when the Queen died, and returned home one day before her funeral ! It had certainly be a mess in London. I think everything Harry does now is because he takes his revenge, I always remember how the Queen behaved when his mum Princess Diana died. And the poor little 12 year old little boy had to walk behind the coffin in front of millions of people in the whole world.

  2. I have zero sympathy for the Queen or any of the royal family. She was head of the Commonwealth while all sort of atrocities were done to ordinary families and she didn’t do anything to stop it. As your not from a Commonwealth country I’ll give you two examples to research – the Stolen Generation in Australia and Indigenous kids in Canada. Just because she was old doesn’t mean she deserved to have anyone bow and scrape to her. Harry served in her army for 10 years, he did his service. I hope that King Charles is different, but I doubt it.

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