Memories of Fritz

This weekend I was trying to catch up on some sleep and on Sunday while I was listening to the BBC, I started to think about my dear old White Shepherd, Fritz. Ah, what a splendid dog he was.


We were so lucky to have him for 12 and a half years, and all who met our boy fell instantly in love.

Fritz had a number of cute, yet strange things about him. Things that make me laugh, smile, and then bring tears to my eyes. He was that special, that wonderful.

Fritz always slept in my room. He would start to settle each night while I brushed my teeth and got into my nightie. But when I turned on my old Panasonic TV (not a modern flat screen) the TV would make a strange noise! Almost like a little static sound. When Fritz heard that he would jump up and run to the TV. After a moment or two, he would settle back down.

Fritz also had one song that he loved. Halfway through his life, there was a commercial for Honda called “It Must Be Love”.

Each time this commercial came on the TV, Fritz would run from wherever he was and stand in front of the TV tipping his head back and forth.

Fritz also would sit at the top of our front yard watching. When he was a little guy he went down on the ice to greet some Ice-Fishermen. I went to let him back in and not finding him quickly donned my winter clothes and boots. I climbed down the snowy sidehill, and with leash in hand went over to Fritz, snapped on the leash, and dragged him home.

All the way home I admonished him that he should never leave the yard like that!

Apparently, he understood because after that he never roamed away again.

Fritz also loved to ride shotgun whenever Jack or I would take him out. In fact, the day he passed away, Fritz could barely move. We managed to get him into the back of our station wagon, and we flew upstairs to get our coats. When we got back, Fritz had crawled into the front seat passenger seat!

Anyway, I just thought I would share this story about my boy Fritz. He was one of a kind.

Jan 17 021

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