The Weekend Wrap ~ February 28th

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Our weekend really sped by. We had another 10 inches of snow, and then a cold front moved through dropping the temperatures as well as a little more snow.

Heidi is rather confused by all of this. Previously our snow was frozen enough so that she could walk on top of it. Now with the new fluffy snow, she sinks!

I spent time on the phone helping to find a new dackel baby for a woman I have known for many years. She owned Arnie and Anneliese’s sister Angelika. It is so strange, but the pups from that first litter all made it to age 14 and died within months of each other.

The best news is that Heidi and Lili are now total buddies who have started sleeping together.

Heidi and Lili 1This makes me very happy!

Have a great week ahead!

2 thoughts on “The Weekend Wrap ~ February 28th”

  1. I can’t imagine that much snow right now. We’ll be in the sixties and seventies this week and I love that kind of weather. I’m glad your pups have made friends. They look happy.

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