The Weekend Wrap ~ April 25th

The weekend wrap 2Although the weekend sped by, I can’t really say that a lot went on.

Heidi was quiet for the most part. I’m feeling good about getting her spay surgery out of the way.

2022-04-25_07-05-11As you can see, her Recovery Suit covers her incision. I simply love these!

From now on she can think about living a wonderful healthy life! In a few more days we will get back outside and back to our walking plan.

Lili goes from being fine to limping around. She goes in for her shots in two weeks and she’ll be evaluated further then.

After sleeping in my recliner for nearly four months I can tell you that my neck, shoulders, and back no longer hurt when I get up in the morning. I am thinking I should get rid of my regular bed and get a reclining bed. It seems to take all the pressure off of my spine. I think it is time to shop and do some price comparisons! Stay tuned…

This week we have no plans. I may try to do some spring cleaning, but nothing that requires me to drive a lot. If I am lucky, I will make a few runs to the recycling center and actually purge a closet or two!

Have a great week!

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