The Friday Five ~ April 22nd

Friday FiveThis week sped by and several things got accomplished. So I am pleased that it all went off without a hitch.

  1. I got our taxes done over the weekend and in the mail on Monday. It’s the first time I have done them alone (pretty much). I think my blood pressure was soaring.
  2. Wednesday found me getting my new crowns. They are wonderful! They feel like real teeth and my bite is perfect. So, I am one very happy girl. Despite the hit to my bank account!
  3. Heidi went in early on Thursday for her spay surgery. The Vet’s Office is some distance from my home, so I asked if I could just sit and wait in their parking lot. Since Heidi was first on the surgical list they said sure.
  4. So, I sat looking at the beautiful farm and all the animals. The Vet’s children came out to play and it was fun watching them too. The two hours sped by and soon they brought Heidi out. She was sleepy but happy to be with me. We drove home, I walked her a bit in my yard, and then she came in and fell asleep in her little bed.
  5. Tonight she had a little dinner and had her pain meds. She is happily curled up with me on my chair. Her little recovery suit is just perfect. So much better than the cone of shame.

278416850_10160116315551499_115961659644533700_nSo the week was busy, but in the end, everything went well and we have the weekend to recover.

One thought on “The Friday Five ~ April 22nd”

  1. A good week by the sound of it. Poor Heidi, but she doesn’t really know why she is bit sore and sleepy. I remember one of my childhood dogs ripping out her stiches after being spayed. The cone had not been thought of then.

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