Kind & Loving

Recently I was reading an article and the question was posed, “How has the world changed since you were a child”.

I thought for a long time about it. What I eventually came up with both shocked and saddened me.

I think the biggest difference is that people are not as kind or as loving as they were in the 1960s.

I recall people being kind. I recall people being allowed to have a difference of opinion without them becoming arch enemies.

I saw people taking a lost child under their wing. A friend’s parents going out of their way to make their child’s friend part of something positive.

I had many adults in our community theater treat me so warmly and I felt part of something good.

I was brought up in a multicultural community and I enjoyed learning about and knowing about things that were different from mine.

I loved that people judged me for the person I am and not the color of my skin, the church I attended, or my political affiliation.

People were kind to me. People were loving toward me, and when I rode my bicycle all around town, people waved at me and smiled.

I miss that. It is my hope that one day, the Country can return to civility.


2 thoughts on “Kind & Loving”

  1. It is going to take time for your country to recover from the divisive Trump years. Steady as she goes Joe has the country on an even keel. The next step will be a decent and inspirational leader. Just my view from a long way away.

  2. I wouldn’t blame it exclusively on Trump, he exploited what was already there, but when you make your fellow Americans/political enemies into a bigger threat than a foreign dictator … the far left is just as intolerant, just as extreme, and we have become so polarized. We need someone inspiring to bring us back together.

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