The Weekend Wrap

In the last few days, I’ve been bogged down. It’s mostly in my mind, as I want to ensure everything is settled if I drop dead tomorrow.

My biggest concern is Lili. She has taken Jack’s loss so hard. And she is not a dog who could go to just anyone. She is shy but loving and loyal to her people.

I spoke to Heidi’s breeder, who would take Heidi until one or two of my friends felt they could take her.

But I think to myself, I will be sixty-five in less than a month.

There are things I want to do and places I want to go. Let’s start making a “Bucket List”.

I have carpenters working on the house on the trim. It looks so good already.

If only I could find a church that wants my Hammond Church Organ. That would really make me smile. If anyone local to me wants it, let me know. It’s yours free of charge; just come and get it.

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One thought on “The Weekend Wrap”

  1. Neighbor, that was quite the crane hanging out over your house today. Looks like the overgrown pine/spruce shrubs blocking your view of beautiful Lake Waukewan are now gone Truth be told you did me a favor also given me a little better view of the cove on that side of the lake.
    Take care of yourself and you need to be in a better frame of mind. I know it can be difficult but think positive and work on that Bucket list.
    Oh, and 65 simply the new 55 so get out there and begin living again. I’m sure you’ll enjoy your now better look out over the lake. This time of the year I simply love the early morning view of the shoreline on the other side of the lake when the sun first hits it

    Remember always moving “forward” taking it one day at a time.

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