The Friday Five ~ Happy Birthday, Heidi

Happy Birthday HeidiYou will not believe this, but Heidi will turn two years old on Saturday! The time has flown, and I can honestly say that Lili and I wouldn’t have made it without Heidi to brighten our world.

  1. So Happy Birthday to my sweet girl, Heidi, and Maisie, one of her litter mates,  and thank you to her Mommy, Luna, and Daddy Ralph!
  2. As I mentioned earlier, I finally got my health insurance fixed, and now I need to find a new Primary-care Nurse Practitioner, as my time getting my healthcare at the VA ends.
  3. I am also planning another clearing of the house. I ordered the dumpster, and now I am looking for several strong, youthful people to get the boxes out of the attic.
  4. This morning, I woke up with a sore throat. Oh, how I’m not too fond of that.  I’m drinking like crazy, and hopefully, it will be a 24-hour sore throat.
  5. Ah, two years old. I can still remember when my breeder sent me a picture of a pup that would be my Heidi.

Screenshot_20211210-180126_Vacation CountdownBaby Heidi.

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