The Friday Five ~ October 27th

The Friday FiveThis was an excellent week. So much was happening here at my house, and even though my cold lingers, I can look around and smile! So, without further adieu, here’s this week’s Friday Five.

  1. The carpenters arrived first thing on Monday. Besides being such friendly people, they are helping me deal with the neglect this house has suffered from.
  2. I’m thinking about going on a cruise. I love the Southeastern Caribbean. I’m also thinking about next spring.
  3. Lili and Heidi are feeling comfortable having made new friends.
  4. The order forms are out from my favorite farm stand. Pies, squash, and quick breads. It should be fun!

2023-10-26_07-39-225. Before and after. We had some much-needed yard work done.

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