So life has been tricky the last few days. I have not felt well, and my home Covid test showed a faintly positive result. I wrote down everything wrong with my body, and I  called my Nurse Practitioner.

I spoke to the Triage Nurse and she suggested I go to the closest walk-in clinic.

So I woke Jack, got in the car, and headed down to the clinic. I didn’t have to wait long.

They reran the test which showed that I do indeed have Covid. They also chose to run the three-day test as well. I was sent off with my inhaler, these wicked good cough pearls that work great at relieving my cough.

I’m to isolate for the next 5-10 days (until I test negative) and drink copious amounts of water.

I’m also to stay in my jammies and sleep as much as I need to, but also get up and walk around to keep myself from getting any sicker.


Heidi is the sweetest. She just lays there in my lap making me feel loved and taken care of.

Here’s the thing. I was recently mask-shamed at the Post Office. I always wear a mask, and I am very careful in public. But somehow this darn virus got me.

Be careful my friends. I’ve been vaxxed, and yet here I am. Oh well, at least I have plenty of movies and tennis to watch right now.


5 thoughts on “Sick”

  1. In spite of my precautions, I am under no illusions that I won’t catch Covid. I know you too have been so careful. It is unfair.
    If you weren’t vaxxed, you could very much more ill. You are doing the right things for recovery.

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