Update: On Me

Yesterday was a day that seemed to fly by. I spent most of it sleeping in my recliner with Heidi in my lap.


I think it is what the body needs when one is sick with anything. Sleep, move around a bit, drink and then sleep some more.

I love streaming TV. How great it is to go on a streaming service and watch movies or old TV shows. Currently, I am watching ER and I am on Season 7 out of 12 seasons.

Yesterday I even ate a little. I keep trying to eat so that my stomach doesn’t get too nauseated. That’s difficult because I don’t feel like eating and nothing really tastes good.

So that’s the latest I hope that today I will be able to sleep, walk, eat, and repeat!

The sun is out and the humidity is gone, and I choose to believe that although I  feel sick, the sun is shining in my life. You know, the light at the end of the tunnel!


One thought on “Update: On Me”

  1. ER was actually 15 seasons. One of the stations I get on my cable system has been showing 5 episodes a day. I’ve now seen the entire run of the show 3 times (first time was when it aired in the 90’) and I’m working on the 4th.

    I should clarify that I have the show on as background noise while I’m working from home, I’m not really watching it again.

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