The Friday Five ~ July 8th

Friday FiveThis week will go down as the week where I slept more than anything. Even my darling puppy, Heidi, and old girl Lili find my sleeping excessive, but, it is what it is.

  1. I have 4 frozen dinners for Jack and two leftover meals.  He is not thrilled about this, but that’s too bad. With no appetite and no desire to eat a big meal, he just has to put up with this until I am well.
  2. I think for me, I will make good old Cambell’s Chicken Noodle Soup with a small dish of crackers. True excitement in my culinary world!
  3. Did you hear that Raphael Nadal had to withdraw from Wimbledon? I’m heartbroken because he was to have played the Angry Aussie, Nick Kyrgios and I really wanted Nadal to take him down a peg. The Matches I watched with Nick Kyrgios playing was like watching someone who has a serious mental illness. The boy ain’t right. He kept talking to people around him yelling and screaming.
  4. Once again I must tell you that Heidi is helping to keep me calm and quiet.2022-07-07_07-48-08

    Heidi is an amazing little girl!

  5. So my goals over the weekend will be to do some laundry and try to make some small furniture adjustments in my room. Quite honestly, if I can get the laundry done, I will be very pleased.


2 thoughts on “The Friday Five ~ July 8th”

  1. The lad is both an embarrassment to us but also exciting. I think he is a master of publicity. He creates a storm and the steps out of it and plays really good tennis. It is very unfortunate that he didn’t play against Raffy. As I said to R earlier, I am conflicted. I don’t want him with his bad behaviour to win, but I would like Australia to win.

  2. Asking with much love, can your husband not cook his own food? Hope you feel better soon. Nick is a cry baby and just generally disrespectful. He does have talent though.

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